How do i do it?

I am Mata-Bia and I am a 59 years old(?)/young(?) newbie. I live in Flemish Brabant, Belgium and my mother language is Dutch. I am an invalid lorry mechanic which has discovered recently the computer. I have a Pentium III PC with 2 HDDs, the C drive is 40GB and D drive is 80GB, and my PC has 750MB Ram, and uses XP-SP2 as operating System. By self-tuition and by asking Council to persons who know something of it. I already have learnt a lot.
A few days ago I bought DVD Fab Platinum and I have already made a back up copy of a couple of films. That went very smoothly.
Now, I have a question:
Next to my TV I have a standalone DVD / VCR recorder / player which I can record movies from my TV. Some of these movies will be interrupted up to 4 times by a publicity block of approximately 3 minutes. I would like to remove the annoying commercial blocks. The movies are now usually at 2 DVDs, and I would like to burn them on one DVD.
On the CD Freaks website, I read:
Features Highlight A. DVD to DVD
5. Customize: Personalize your DVDs! Want to make a DVD with only your favorite titles? How about cutting out those annoying commercials? Or selecting specific audio/subpicture? No problem! You can select just your favorite titles, specify the title playback order, with or without original menus, to create a DVD with only the stuff you want!
How do I proceed, in order to do this, cut out those annoying commercials? DVD Fab Platinum can do this ,so everybody can read on Your site , see Features Highlights, A. DVD to DVD, item 5.
Is it only possible to cut out those annoying commercials when I start with an original movie-DVD?
Or is it also possible to cut out those annoying commercials, delete those publicity blocks, when I start with a movie-DVD recorded from my TV with my standalone DVD / VCR recorder / player?
I do not see how to get started, when I use a movie-DVD recorded on a DVD+RW, from my TV with my standalone DVD / VCR recorder / player.
Is there someone to help me, who can explain to me, step by step how I can do this because I do not see how I can do it.
When this is not possible with DVD Fab Platinum, does someone know a program to cut out those annoying commercials, when I use a movie-DVD recorded on a DVD+RW, from my TV with my standalone DVD / VCR recorder / player.
The program should not be free, but that may of course
All help is welcome. Please give me Your feedback and advice.
By the way, why do you change platinum in to platinium on your website when You are talking about DVD Fab Platinum?
Cordially yours,

Welcome to the forum!

You can access the DVDs from your standalone on your computer??
In this case I would suggest to use DVDShrink.

Its free and powerful.

Copy the contents of your DVD+ RW disc to HDD and use this to cut out commercials…
or this,

To chef and t0nee1, thanks.
With my Nec-Sony Optiarc DVD±R/RW DL Recorder (AD-7173A) with the firmware flashed to 1-03, I must be able to copy the contents of my DVD+ RW disc to the HDD. Then I will use one of the programmes recommended by chef or t0nee1.
Thanks again. :clap:

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