How do I do DVD to CD?

Ok, should have used search but I am not sure how to ask this or even what to search for.

I want to take certain tracks off of my Concert DVD’s and arrange them on a cd. This is for my personal use only and I am not going to give or sell this copy. I just want to make a “best of” cd of all my concert dvd’s. If this is not allowed please remove this, I will understand.

I want the best copy possible using Nero and any plugins or add ons nessary. I have seen a copy of an entire movie from DVD to CD and I could not tell the difference so I know this can be done.

Unfortunatly I am really new at this and maybe need a tutorial or lengthy advice.

Again, if this is off base moderator please delete.


I use BackupDVD6.6 for such things. It even lets you custom select chapters so that you don’t have to rip the entire DVD itself. Obviously you need a DVD-ROM for this. The help file in it is so user friendly and easy to use, and gives elaborate detailed information with explaination in each step. It lets you create SVCD, DIVX, and VCD out of your DVD. The result is actually crisp clear DVD-like quality better than I have seen in any other program. PM me for it because I do not know if I would be allowed to post a link to it here. Don’t know the rules about that too much.