How do i do a physical test on my cd-r?

Hi! Need to know if my so called “Kodak” cd-r has some durability built into it. Whats a good physical test? I read somewhere about damping the disc with water and laying it in the sun but haven’t the exact details. Hope you could help me. Thanks!

I tried out the durability of 3 CDs by leaving 2 of them on the garage roof and the third inside on a sunny window all for three weeks. :wink: The 2 on the roof went through stormy weather (kocked about), heavy rain, sunny days, etc. When I took them down, the first CD which was from a cheap spindle of 100 was rendered totally useless as the silver coating came off it almost completely! The second CD which was a Tevion only had a small bit of physical damage to the silver coating although it quite quite a number of scratches on the surface. I read the CD in the drive and it was about 20% unreadable in the Liteon according to Nero CD Speed’s surface scan. The third CD from the cheap spindle left in a window had its dye colour changed from green to yellowish. This CD became unreadable to the point where most CD drives said ‘No medium present’. :confused:

For the simplest test, I’d recommend leaving a few different branded CD-Rs full of data in a sunny window recorded side up for few weeks. Before & After, run Nero CD Speed’s surface scan and write down the % damanged and unreadable and compare these figures amoung the CDs. You could finally check how good the coating is on these CDs by trying to scratch off the coating on the label side using sandpaper. :cool: