How do I disable standbymode for my new Aopen burner?

I just bought a Buslink 40x12x48 aka Aopen crw4048 burner and it seems to be going into standby mode after a hour or so. lists two modes
Power Consumption:
16W or less (normal operation)
1.2W or less (stand by)

Basically if I come back to my PC after a while and insert a CD it takes about 60-90 to “wakeup” and start reading or playing the CD. Its horribly annoying.

My old burner which I removed never had the problem.

Anyway the only thing that normally goes off on my pc is my monitor, everything else stays up 24/7. The only option I found which I don’t know if it works yet is to disable APM in the system bios. I actually had that enabled(didn’t realize it), but I don’t think it was controlling anything since the computer has always run in ACPI mode. I won’t know if disabling it works until I wait a few hours. Like I said ACPI is and always has been enabled and the computer has not been running in APM mode, there was never any APM tab in power options and ACPI has always been listed in system devices. But on the other hand if ACPI telling or letting the burner to go to sleep I have no idea how to stop that since everything except for the monitor is set for “never” in power schemes.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem or if anyone knows what controls the burner going to sleep which I never want it to do. If I can’t disable this I need to return the burner.

My system

MSI K7T266Pro2

Strange…the datasheet you linked to, the FAQ, and the pdf manual for this drive are all devoid of any mention of standby mode besides the info you posted. Google searches on the web and in groups also turned up nothing for me. Try flashing the latest firmware (1.07). Also, what mode are you running the drive in? There is a jumper on the far left side of the drive (looking at the back). If you remove this jumper it works at UDMA33 instead of PIO4.

Hi thanks BadReligionPR. I’m still not really sure how long it takes to “standby” if that’s what its even doing. I waited about 1 1/2 hours and it didn’t do it. But its taken forever to wakeup both today and yesterday after leaving the computer alone for extended periods of time.

I have to house sit, so I guess I’ll try tomorrow when I come home and see if it still takes a while to wakeup again. BTW I did flash it to the 1.07 firmware first thing when I got the drive, and it is running in Ultra Dma mode 2 not PIO.

If its still doing it tomorrow I’ll have to get another brand, which is a shame, because it performs very well and only cost $29 after rebate at Compusa.

Well I’m not sure what the problem was, but I ended up returning the burner and getting a Pacific Digital(Ltr-40125s) 40x12x48 instead. I’ve flashed to the latest firmware and everything seems to be working ok except for Cdex which seems to be ripping really slow, but I’ll post that question in a different forum.