How do I digitize a video?

I have a Laserdisc and I want to make a DVD out of it. I just want an exact digital copy–the minimum level of compression. It’s like an hour and 35 minutes long so I was thinking: record it onto a dual-layer in 1-hour mode?

Mmm, LaserDisc is an analogue format (at least for video part) and “exact” digital copy is not possible as in DVD terms. But not to be confused, it is far more precise than say VHS.

Nevertheless, you can use a DVD DL disc (max ~7950 MB, but consider safeguard limit) and some MPEG capture software with audio+video bitrate around 10000-11000 kbps (10-11 Mbps, but 8 Mbps will be really enough). For better results you can use lossless Huffyuv codec and later TMPEGenc encoder for more quality MPEG compression.

You should consider type of video equipement you will use for process of digitizing, cheaper way is with some software TV/Video capture or VIVO graphics cards, better way is with specialized “hardware” MPEG-2 capture cards or newer AIW (All-In-Wonder) ATI series if you can get some (they are discontinued), and even stand-alone DVD recorder can do a very good/excellent job. Also, type of connection is crucial: Composite is worst, S-Video better (and for LD often enough), Component is best. All this depends on your particular equipement and available inputs.

Very good info; thank you. I’m not going to be doing this myself–I need to find a service that will do it and I want to make sure they’re doing it to my standards.

11 Mbps would result in an out of spec stream. 10.08 Mbps is max for video, audio, and subs combined.

And +1 for the Huffyuv suggestion, but TMPEGenc can’t even hold CCE’s jock.:bigsmile:

Yes, I thought the limit was 11.08 Mbps for DVD±R, but that is probably with additional data (a+v+sync etc.). Personally, I never went beyond 8 Mbps. However, maximum a+v data rate is limited to 9.8 Mbps to meet DVD specs. I tought to mention CCE but then deleted that part prior posting because not everyone is familiar with complex solutions (especially beginners) and its pretty expensive, although there are good tutorials over the net ( e.g.).