How do I determine the TLA of a PX-716UF?

My wife asked me what I want for Christmas, so I included an PX-716UF on my list. I am not sure that I am getting one or not but what I would like to know is this.

How do I determine the TLA of the drive in the enclosure? (I assume that the TLA is the latest hardware revision - am I correct?)

Can I tell the TLA from the markings on the box?

If not, where do I look on the drive or what software application can I run that would tell me if I have the latest hardware revision or TLA?

Plus, what is the latest TLA for the PX-716UF?

I ask because I would like the latest and greatest.

Thanks and a very happy holiday season to you.

Bob Shem

you can tell from a sticker on the outside of the box or from the label on the drive itself. i believe the latest for the UF ext version is 0101 but i know the 716A is already at 0202.

Yes drpino is right. In my local bestbuy I see only TLA 0101 for 716UF. In my opinion, if the drive does not work well, you can always exhange it and hopefully you will see TLA0202 within 30 days.

but zevia are you suggesting we should buy plextor 716A with TLA0202?
is tla 0202 any good?

Drives with TLA 00xx and TLA 01xx were the first revisions of the drive. TLA 02xx is the latest one and judging from what I’ve seen, this TLA is better than the previous two. If you want a PX-716A make sure you get a TLA 02xx.

Anybody can tell me what the “TLA” ?

Top level assy. First two digits are hardware revision, last two are firmware revision.