How do I determine the audio stream?

OK, I have a DivX avi (not encoded by me). When I play it in WMP, I get picture but no sound. I also get a ‘Unable to download a suitable decompressor’. Obviously I havent got the audio decoder. Now how do I determine and download it. I have all WMP default codecs, WMA 9 audio/video as well, Lame MP3, DivX 3.11, DivX 5, XVID etc. I have also tried to be online when I play the file so that WMP can download the coded but to no avail.

Now how do I get around this/ Any audio codec Im missing? :confused:

GSpot will tell you the codec used in the AVI for both Video and Audio. It will also tell you if you have it installed or not.

Get it from


The missing audio codec is: ac3 (0x2000) “Dolby Laboratories, Inc”

Surprising, I have PowerDVD installed, I thought it’ll install it. Anyways hunting for the codec now…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, I got the codecs here:

You don’t need to download and install all codecs and filters if you only need one for audio. Look here and scroll down to filters instead.

Wise words from xox, only ever install the codec you absolutely must have, not would like to have. To many codec clash with one another and end result is nothing will play.