How do I detect corrupt mp3s from a collection of 1000s on the PC?

My question is two fold:

1. How do I detect corrupt mp3s from a collection of 1000s on the PC? Is there a program that can do this in batches?

Let me explain the situation:

I have a large collection of mp3s that I have obtained through CDs, friends, etc over the years that exceed 20,000. Back in January '09, my computer crashed and wound up having a serious problem which caused errors with my hard drive and BIOS. Anyways, I had an external hard drive that I was able to (slowly, but surely) transfer my entire music library to, after the crash, from my computer’s hard drive. I thought everything was fine until I started listening to my entire library on my iPod. Most of the songs are fine, but I wind up coming across a bunch of mp3s that have “click”, “blip”, “snap”, and “weird technical burp” noises, if you will. Some songs stop prematurely all together. Assumedly, these errors arose because of the corruption from the original hard drive and the transfer (because my computer would keep restarting in the middle of a transfer and I didn’t know where one transfer left off and the other began). I was wondering, is there a program that will scan my entire library and tell me which songs have these errors/noises? I’d like to find out which ones they are so I can replace them and have a full quality library. I think it’d be much faster than going one by one in a library comprised literally of thousands.

2. What exactly is a corrupt MP3?

I feel there are various forms. My primary feeling of what a corrupt mp3 is is what I explained above in terms of the weird noises appearing in the song.

Other people, however, determine a corrupt mp3 as those that don’t have enough data, have too much data, or appear to have a small gap of silence within the waveform that would be barely audible, if at all, by the human ear.

I just wanted to be clear that the corrupt mp3s that I am asking about are those that have the “click”, “blip”, “snap”, and “weird technical burp” noises.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Googling a bit I found some solutions, but I really have no idea if they really work

Solution 1 Not free :frowning:
solution 2 not free :frowning:

solution 3 free but not really updated

this seems the most recent solution I can find at the moment.

This is precisely why(when ripping from CDs) I always rip to a lossless format and archive…You can always go back to your lossless archive and convert to MP3, AAC etc…As far as the MP3s you aquired, well you just never know if they were created/encoded properly in the first place…
Just curious, do you hear the " click, blip, snap, and weird technical burp noises" when playing from PC? Or just from Ipod playback?

EncSpot might do what you want.
It’s quality indicator is a bit limited but might be a guide to bad files.
Available here:
It’s developer site is now just an add/link site.I couldn’t get a download there.
I’m using the stable version of the freeware.
The first one geno888 posted says it will repair.