How do I delete files from the DVD+RW?

Good evening

I created a DVD with a bunch of files. It is a Phillips +RW disk. I created the disk with Veritas RecordNow DX. Question : How do I delete files from the DVD? I put some extra stuff on it and want to get rid of them. Thanks.

Jim Macdonald
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.

You can’t delete seperate files in a session. You can only get rid of the session (rewrite table of contents) or get rid of the entire cd/dvd.

HI Mr. Belvedere.

Thanks for the reply and the information. The question is, why can I do this with a CD-RW and not a DVD-RW. I used Direct CD and was able to delete files with it. Another question is that I am not to sure about the concept of “sessions”. I have heard it, but being brand new, I am not to sure how it works. Thanks again for your response.


sessions are what you burn at any one time. your compilation that you burn is a session. you can put lots of sessions on a disk. each is complete within itself for the purposes you seem to indicate.