How do I delete a thread?


I have accidentally started two threads (only meant to start one).
How do I delete one of the threads?



Threads can only be deleted by the forum moderator or any super mod or admin. I’ve removed the duplicate thread.

If you accidentally double post or post in the wrong place and would like the thread moved, just click the ‘Report post’ red-triangle icon or contact any moderator of that forum, give a description of what you would like done with it and a moderator will take care of it. :wink:

To avoid posting a duplicate thread or reply, be careful not to double-click the ‘Submit’ button, even if the forum is slow. Otherwise each click of this button will result in it being submitted again.

Thanks Sean, your a star :clap:


Sorry to trouble you mate, I appreciate that you deleted one of the threads, but when I realised I had created two threads I edited one of them (asking admin to delete the second thread). Now when I go into that post I see the edited part, and I cannot delete the edited part (no editing capabilities).
Shall I ask you to delete the post and start again? Or how can I edit the post to remove the previous edit?

Sorry to be a pain.


Sorry, I didn’t realise one was edited. I deleted this one as it had no answer and undeleted the other one.

Hopefully this is ok now (thread here). :slight_smile: