How do I decide which firmware I need to use to allow bitsetting (+R and +R DL) on AD-7260S drive?

I’m looking for a firmware that does bitsetting (+R and +R DL) to DVD-ROM for a AD-7260S drive. This may be elementary but I’m not finding any thread that plainly lays out the difference between “Orig”, “RPC1”, “Auto”, “Liddy’s firmware”, and “Original firmware”. There are 30 options to pick from and would like to know which firmwares, if any, have complete bitsetting support for both +R and +R DL media. Thanks.

I’m referring to this page:

The AD-7260S bitsets DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM by default. To bitset DVD+R (and DVD+RW) to DVD-ROM, you want “Liggy’s AD-7260S Bitsetting Firmware 1.03”, which is currently the latest version. The filename for downloading is Here’s the link. You need to accept the disclaimer before downloading. Enjoy.

Okay great. I understand that the necflash program is required to enable bitsetting permanently; is that correct? I will be using these drives in a duplicator tower (no operating system).

Can you flash the drive(s) from a Windows system before installing them in your duplicator tower? If so, use the Win 32 GUI version of binflash. If it lists your drives, you should be able to flash them with the updated firmware.

That should be easy enough. Thanks so much for your help!

You’re very welcome. Good luck, and happy burning!