How do i cut a mpeg and remove part of it?

undefinedundefinedi have an mpeg movie the problem is that half way through there is an error with the movie filming and i need to remove the damaged bit and put it back together again :bow: im not worthy :bow:

ok ill try to explain a bit better hopefully as ive had no response! ive got a movie file which half way through zooms in really close to wat they are filming it does this for about 5 mins then after that it plays the 5 mins again but this time its perfect i wonderd if there was a way to cut the zoomed bit out then my movie would perfect?? :bow: im not worthy :bow:

ok, download virtualdub (google it) and load your mpeg into it. Once done find the first frame you want to cut out and hit the left arrow button (circled in red) and then find the last frame you wanna cut out and hit the right arrow button (circled in green). This should select the area you wanna cut out. Then it is just a case of hitting the delete button on yo keyboard and it should delete that part. Then go 2 “file”, “save as” and save in in woteva format.

Hope this helps

cheers kaybing thanks for the help and the pic how to do it was very helpfull and saved me alot off time :bow: im not worthy :bow:

hi ty for the help earlier on today ive followed ur advice got v dub and cut everything alright but as it does it it stops and says error file is bigger than 4 gig its cd1 of a film ive copied i went to file and clicked save as avi im sorry to bother u again and im thankfull for your help allready but if u do get time i wouldnt mind the help thanks goldman :bow: im not worthy :bow:


Could i have the exact error message…

Maybe Chickenman will know…

here is the error i get kaybing when using v dub(out of file space:files cannot exceed 4 gigabites on a fat32 partition ) it comes up in an error box ive tried it a few times saving it as avi from file am i saving it wrong ? thanks again for helping

You need an NTFS partition if you’re going to create an avi that exceeds 4 gig.
As I understand it, you already have a compliant mpeg, and you just want to cut 5 minutes from the middle of it, not re-encode it to avi.
The advice you got to use virtualdub is wrong, unless you WANT to re-encode it to avi, or frameserve it to re-encode it to mpeg.
Get Cuttermaran, VideoReDo, Womble, or similar, and just cut the section out, then re-save the movie in it’s original format, without re-encoding.
I prefer Cuttermaran, and it’s free.

thanks for the reply reebot it worked a treat ( i never knew this shit was so hard but its made easier by ppl like u and all the other people at cd freaks)