How do I cross flash my 109 to an A09

I see on the forum that everyone is saying to crossflash the Pioneer 109 to the A09. Someone else asked for instructions on how to do it, but no one answered him. Anyway can someone please explain it(detailed instructions) to me because I am going to crossflash to A09 and I don’t know how to do it. Thanks.


Go there

Download Latest firmware (Either A09 or 109 depending on what type of drive you want, Buffalo 8.40 may also be of interest for bitseting) , Extract them and cancel the flash you will have 2 files one is the Kernel and the other the actual firmware

Use DVRUpdate 0.9 look for the smaller kernel and bigger firmware file. Flash those with the app. Reboot

DVRUpdate can flash any firmware to any drive, you are doing so at your own risk, this may void your warranty, you may end up with a DoorStep :smiley:

Buffalo allow Bitseting on Both DL+R and DVD+R but no ripunlock
X09 allow Ripunlock thru quietdrive but no bitseting

This is what I saw,“It allows you to use the Quiet Drive utility. This will allow you to remove the “rip-lock”. Seems the DVR-109 (OEM) is the 1st Pioneer drive that will allow the DVR-A09XL (retail) firmware to be installed and work”.

I do not know if it’s the first drive that allow this since it’s my first pioneer ever.
(I think other mentioned using the medion firmware on the 108). But anyway for me it work fine.

I am looking foward into flashing to any OEM firmware that would allow more feature like bitsetting and ripunlock or whatever feature it can add, who knows maby we will burn UDM disk for the PSP on our 109 :cool: