How do i create Vieo CDs from MPGS

Iv’e tried using EZCD Creator 4 but when i try and play the muic01.dat file in Windows Media player i get the unreconised format error. Is there a better way 2 create VCDs from an MPG file. I appreciate any help or cracked prog that can do this 4 me.

try this site, I think they got what you need.

good luck

Thanx 4 the info. Unfortunately when i click ont the link i get a “page cannot be found” error.
Thanx any way.

Use the VCD option from Nero…


The Mystic

Which Version i think i only have version 4 point something??

That will do just fine, Micheal

Thanx for the info R-N, ur the man!

im flattered, but thnx goes also to mystic

Yeah sorry Mystic for ur advise im sorry i left u out it wasn’t intentional. I appreciate everones advice on this topic.