How do I create VIDEO_TS folder on DVD using NeroCMD?

I have files I need to create a DVD ( .VOBs, .IFOs and .BUPs). How can I create a VIDEO_TS folder using NeroCmd ?

Indeed, is it possible to create a Video DVD with NeroCmd from the relevant .VOB ( etc) files ?

Does anyone have any opinion on this - it must surely be possible in light of the ‘–dvdvideo_realloc’ switch ?

You have to first create the a folder named VIDEO_TS on your harddisc and then copy all the necessary files in this folder. Afterwards, burn the folder with
nerocmd --drivename yourdrive --write --real --dvd --iso DVD-VIDEO --create_iso_fs --create_udf_fs --iso_no_joliet --dvd_video_realloc --recursive VIDEO_TS

Thanks very much - I figured out my problem was no having set the --recursive flag :slight_smile: