How do I create a multimedia cd



I had a cd that you play on your computer that had every Beatles album on it. You put it in and the album covers all popped up. Then you click on which album you want to hear and all the songs on the album poped up.Then you would click on the song and the music would play and then the lyrics where listed also.

Does anyone know how this was made. I have lost the CD But I would love to make anotherone??? Thank you

Very Respectfully



In the CD you refer you had 2 levels of menus: 1. Covers would call the second and the choosen albun 2. - would list the songs and allow you to clik to play
There are several ways to do that, like the discs that come with some magazines, that show you pictures, sound and movies, plus articles, etc.
I don’t know of any free software to do that under windows, so you have to search for the various options and ways.
You can start looking here:

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You may want to look at this program: