How do I create a "multi-boot" disc? (i.e. multiple *BOOTABLE* ISOs on 1 disc)

Dead-simple request: I am looking to combine many, small bootable discs into one “large” bootable disc.

I legally own 3 bootable CDs (linux tools). Each CD takes up no more than 100MB of space. I find it wasteful to carry 3 CDs around when I can easily fit them onto 1 DVDR (or, even 1 CDR).

I am looking for a method to “combine” those 3 boot discs into 1 physical boot media. I suspect I will need to convert to ISO images, etc.

Obviously, the goal here is to be able to boot from the new “multi-disc”, then be presented with some sort of menu, and then boot to 1 of the 3 original linux boot discs I started with.

Question: Can it be done? Thanks in advance.

Disclaimer: Please reply only if you know the answer! I’ve read lots of replies on this board that say (for example) “try MagicISO!”. To save you time, I already “tried MagicISO”… that’s hardly a helpful answer. If you post an reply like that, it shows that you don’t really know the answer to my simple question. Please save us both some time. :slight_smile:

Your question may be simple but what’s involved is not. If you haven’t managed to do it using MagicISO, suggesting you look into using ISOLinux might be meaningless. I’ve used both to accomplish what you’re trying to do. There are other ways to do this, just google a bit and do some research.

I think the below post will solve your problem: