How do I create a DVD that most people on most computers will be a

I have a DVD with the VIDEO_TS files. I wish to create DVD’s that virtually any computer and most DVD machines will read. I am running Windows Professional, and the disk was created in Quick Time. I have NERO. I sure hope I’m making sense. Do I just copy the DVD using NERO and hope others will be easily able to view video?

I guess my question is how do I ensure that when I create a DVD that most people on most computers will be able to read?

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its not that easy…if you do a good burn, most all pc’s should read it if they have atleast a dvd rom and an app like powerdvd…set top dvd players are a different matter altogether, many set tops are picky burned media,+r / -r and so on. Your milage will vary greatly no matter what.

Thanks…I have a demo reel that I want to send to people so I thought that if there was anything I could do to ensure that anyone could just throw it into their drive I would do it.


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Get a burner that will set booktype of +R media to DVD-ROM.

-r good burn of a good rip is your best bet setops players, just working the numbers. but still…no garuntees. some players prefer +r. your best bet…if it’s a demo and small enough. burn 3 copies…1 iso data, 2 -rdvd set top, 3) +rdvd set top.

I’m guessing this is part of your protfolio or resume…this would be overkill, but an approach if you have the means…:slight_smile: