How do i create a dvd menu with video playing on it?



ok, this is going to be confusing as hell so please bare with me, i don’t even know if this is the right forum to post this in…but is there a program i can use that lets you put links to different parts of the dvd like the movie, bonus materiels etc. and have a video of somthing playing either on one half of the screen or in the background also with music in the video?..please help im stuck, thanks


try convertxtodvd it has a new template called mirror or something… but for sure it creates menu with a half of image and a half of video, but i never tried using that template ^_^. but u can try…


Lots of video editing softwares will do that… Ulead Video Studio 11, Pinnacle Studio 12, Vegas Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, and others…