How do i copy X 3 The Reunion?

How do i copy X 3 The Reunion ive tried alcahol 120% i install it but when i go to play it it goes this is not an authentic cd what can i do to get around this?

May we ask if it is an authentic CD?

yes i own the original is there anyway i can back it up?

OK thanks.

Moving this to CD and DVD Copy Protection sub-forum… if you haven’t done so, you may like to have a browse around there and see whether there’s any advice already about this game.

when you use your original does it say its not an authentic cd.

no it only says insert authentic cd when i put the back up in any ideas how this can be fixed?

What copy protection does the cd use? Scan with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID and let us know.

It’s Starforce 3.x.x.x (sorry don’t know the exact version)

Starforce is one of the most resiliant copy protections ever… There are ways around it but they are sort of elaborate, they involve unistalling any virtual drives, unplugging your physical drives and unistalling their drivers, rebooting a couple of times and re-installing the lot in a specific order, and then again if it’s the latest Starforce it may still not work. If I were you I wouldn’t bother backing it up…

Also remember that Starforce is sort of …‘evil’, and if I were you I would boycot games that feature it (like many users do worldwide). Made by some Russian company, Starforce works a little bit like a trojan, it silently integrates itself into Windows without the user’s consent, and more importantly, it is not uninstalled automaticaly after you remove the game. It remains there and in most cases it interferes with legitimate computer operations. Many users reported that it gave them blue screens, made their PCs freeze or reboot, and it interfered with CD/DVD reading and burning, slowing their drive’s speeds down to a snail’s pace (which can cause irreversible damage to the drive’s hardware…). That’s why it’s ‘evil’. If I were you I’d make sure that it is completely uninstalled, you can find ways to do it on this forum, just search for it. And I wouldn’t bother buying StarForce games in the future. The idiot game company execs who made deals with the Starforce hacks and put this trojan-like program into their games must have deeply regreted it: They may have saved a little bit of piracy down the line, but that’s nothing compared to the sales volume they lost due to users who know all this and boycoted Starforce-featured games… Still, there will always be the absolute beginners who, unaware or not understanding all this, will buy the game in a shop, install it, play and then start ‘crying’ when their PCs start f***ing up… Knowledge IS power after all…