How do i copy VOB with 5.1 surround to DVDrw

hey there,

I am very new here i have an DVD burner now for three weeks and i cannot burn a VOB file with the original AC3 5.1 sound on a dvdrw.
In the priogram my dvd i can only copy stereo wav and ac3 to my dvd-rw
and nero is very new for me i don’t know how it works!

I have the programs Nero

Has someone the program Spruce DVD maestro 2.9.2914 because there is told me that you than could copy the original AC3 and DTS track on de dvd-rw.
The only thing i wanna do is i have downloaded some THX and dolby trailers from the net (VOB files) they are with the original ac3 and dts sound.
And now burn them on a dvd-rw and play them on my stand alone player in fully 5.1 surround.

can somebody help me?