How do I copy to dual layer?

I’m getting an iso file, does this software burn that into a DVD?

Is there a better method to copy onto a hard drive as simple TS files? Then burn them to a dual layer?

Shouldn’t be tough, I’ve split DVD’s into two but I only want a direct copy.

I sure there is a guru out there that knows a trick.


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The best way to do a perfect 1:1 backup of a dual layer disc is to rip it on HDD as ISO file, and then burn the ISO on a Dual layer disc.

The best ripper that preserve correctly the layer break is DVD Decrypter. If the layer break is not inserted in the right place, the copy will have playback problems.

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You can use CloneCD too.

or alcohol 120% :wink:

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Or magic copier. The list is endless.

Or since you asked this question in the Fab forum, you can even try Fab… :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, Fengtao has done an outstanding job of preserving the layer break with the new Fab3 Beta. IMO, this was the one failure of platinum…the complete disc bkups played just great, but the LB caused issues and was very inconsistent, ie., player dependent and to a lesser extent, burner dependent.

My choice for DL 1:1 bkups has long been dvdd and Img. This new Beta is just the cat’s meow…for me, the LB is every bit as stable as was dvdd, at least so far…using clone mode.


I suggest you try “Clone” of DVDFab Platinum 3 Beta:

It will make perfect dual layer copy by re-use the original layer break position if you copy from drive directly.

If you aleady have the ISO file, you can also burn it from the “Clone” mode, but the layer break position is not as original.

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