How Do I Copy These Playstation Psx1

thes PLAYSTATION 1 protec py CDmage (Hex way)
thes cd work very GOOD in PLAYSTATION
and not run or view in Windows XP and in Windows me or 98 the drive give my thes masig ( thes Drive not format )

i do all that and tried by many way
ALCOHOL and CloneCD give that files



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psx games can be copied but you will need a mod chip in your playstation for them to work.

Presuming you know this clonecd has a profile for ps1 games.

the clonecd psx1 profile not work woth thes cd


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Do you have a modchip or other boot method for your psx1
If so as stated before use either clonecd (libcrypt profile) or in alcohol use the playstation datatype…

yas i have a modchip boot method for my psx1
i use clonecd (libcrypt profile) and not work woth thes Protection
thes CD IS A (PSX VCD) woth *.STR FILE
end original size of thes cd is 650 mg

The media used is also important. What cdr media are you using? What dye?

Imation Imw321248ia
Asus 52x/24x/52x

Imation cdrs are far from good. Try Verbatim Data Life Plus or, if you can find them, Mistui Gold or even Kodak media (no longer made but both golds and silver/golds were/are very good for psx back-ups).

I use Verbatim DataLifePlus but other good brands are Taiyo Yuden or Fuji CDs.

my friend have SONY dvdr it 'll do it or not

I have clonecd 5 and I want to make copy my ps1 game (final fantasy 7) and where is this libcrypt profile?

The libcrypt profile is in the clonecd profile folder as shown in this post a few posts back…

aha this is a classic protection where the disk has 650mb on it but the TOC shows only 17 frames (39kb). The PSX cd drive ignores the TOC but any PC drive will not read beyond the 17 Frame length of the disk. (how can it read what is not on the disk??)

To copy this type of protection (which i’ve only seen in thailand by the way) I had to open a cd-rom drive (take the lid off), put in a 70 min data disk, read the TOC using Clone CD, then flip the disk out of the drive and replace it with the fake-toc disk (without ejecting the disk from the drive)…

With this method Clone would go ahead and read 70 mins from the disk, ignoring the 17-frame TOC. After making the image the drive can be re-assembled!!!