How do i copy Securom CD



how do i copy Securom cd v5
it copys fine but when i try to launch my software it still askes me for te orginal cd. i tired Alochol 120 but did not work


You must use SecuROM new v5 profile with DPM, and create an RMPS image, then use RMPS burn option, and RMPS emulation with the copy/backup.


Hi i did that it still did not work


Did the DPM run without any error? Accurate DPM data is required. Can you try another drive to re-create the image?


Hi it did run without a error ,it copys fine but when i try to open my software that i copied it trys to open but then askes me for thr orgianl cd


Is there software that lets you do this process on a mac?


@ detour1 RMPS emulation must be enabled in alcohol’s additional emulation options for the copy to work.