How do i copy protect backups?

i have some older games that my sons friend wants to it possible to back these up with a protection on so that he cant copy them.these games have no proper protection on

:confused: You will let your sons friend borrow your games but are worried he will try to copy them. Do you wanna borrow my car? I wont give you the keys though. I wouldn’t want you to drive it.

Ok enough jokes. If you want to copy protect your games (assuming they are on CD Rom) you will have to make a copy of them yourself and use a program to add copy protection to the image. Try taking a look at CCD Lock . But note that even this copy protection can be beaten like almost all others with the right hardware / software setup and an experienced user. The best protection for your games would ultimately not let the kid borrow them.

Try also using the search feature in the forum as this topic has been discussed many times before.

there is also tz copy get it here

This could be illegal as it is in most countries forbidden to tamper with the data.

Mind if i changed the topic to some more explainable title ? :slight_smile:

sorry did not know this was illegal.and yea change the name of the thread

Originally posted by robbydog2002
sorry did not know this was illegal.and yea change the name of the thread

no worries , you haven’t done anything wrong (yet ? :))…

anyhoo… most forget that if you go to a store and buy a game or software product , you don’t usually buy the game itself. you get the license to do with it , what the license tells you you can do with it. For instance … that Windows operating software you have on your pc ? It’s not yours… it’s MickeySoft and they have granted you to use it (the license) and you are obliged to uphold what MickeySoft tells what you can do with it (the license agreement).