How do I copy Playstation2 games?

Hi Everyone,
I have CD Clone and it is supposed to beable to copy Playstation2 games. My grandkids like to borrow hubby’s games but, they don’t come back… and if they do… they don’t work the same. I need to beable to back them up? Please answer my directly at It will be alot easier for me. Thanks!

Is your ps2 modded? If not then the copies wont work.

Your PS2 has to be modded like Moose said. If it is the easiest way to copy PS2 games is with DVD Decrypter. Insert the PS2 game disc in your drive, start DVD Decrypter, select Mode > Read > ISO and wait till the disc has been copied to your hard disk. Once it’s done in DVD Decrypter go to Mode > Write > ISO and load the image file you created. That’s all.

Yes, The PS2 has to have been chipped, AFAIK there is no software get around.

i couldnt get this method to work my ps2 console is chipped,the disk whirred and clicked but would not load

which PS2 version do you have?

might be bad install ,cheap dvd’s or your laser might be on the way out allways use the best dvd’s you can get
try and get a loan of someone’s working backup to see if it works

try verbatim -r i find they work great

HI All,
Yes, I’m a newbie. This is probably stupid to all the “Knowledgeable” people. My husband has a playstation2. My grandkids like to “borrow” his games but, they don’t seem to come back as loaned. Saying no is not an option. If I could copy them, we could save alot of grief in the marriage. I use CopyDVD2. Can anyone help?

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I’ve allways used dvddecrypter click on mode set to iso read copy to hd then iso write easy but make sure set it to iso read before putting the ps2 dvd in or it won’t read it

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You still haven’t answered the most critical question. Does your PS2 have a mod method of some sort (ie modchip, Swap Magic discs, HD Loader/Advance)? If not then there is no possible way that you will get a working backup. Think of it like having software for your PC but no registration key. The game will copy fine but without the required signed boot-up code it will not work (hence the need for the mod method as they provide this).

Hi I Have Just Read Your Replay About Useing Dvd Decrypter,but When I Put A Game In It Does Not Read It ,i Have A Laptop With Dvd/cd Combo,can You Help,thank You.

Is the disk visible if you open it in my computer?

No The Disk Is Not Visible

I thought the PC had to be soft modded to reconize PS2 or XBOX Games?

What ? PS2 games have a file structure that can be viewed in a PC without any restriction (except DL games). Xbox original games use M$ own file system, that is invisible in a PC deive under Windows. You either have to use third party software (XISO for example) or install a plugin under Total Commander. As for 1:1 copy, most PS2 games can be copied easily using DVDDecrypter. XBOX games have to be dumped in special drives with modified firmwares, then the image can be burnt to DVD+R DL. Of course these backups will not work without any modification that has to be done on the PS2/XBOX. (it can be either a modchip, softmod, dvd firmware hack, boot disk, etc)

regards, Stephen

hi can anybody tell me why that when i use the dvd decrypter it dose not read the dvd rom game,am i useing the wrong type of dvd decrypter{free off the internet}if so could you be able to tell me which is the right one to make back ups for ps2,i can use the dvd decryper to back up films,i have a laptop with dvd/cd writer itel pentium 4 and useing windows xp,so if anybody should help me in best way to copy ,thanking anybody who has the time to read this.

First of all what mod method are you using? (ie swap discs, HDloader, modchip). You do know your PS2 has to have some sort of mod method in order to read backup discs, right?