How Do I Copy My SafeDisc 2.70.030 Protected Game?

hey everyone hows life ? :slight_smile:

anyways, first i posted a topic asking how to make a no/cd crack and all that but i think it is not allowed here :o (sorry for that!)

I finally Found My Halo Combat Evolved CD which was lost and because of that i was not able to play the game !

but the problem is that i don’t want to use it anymore (its not in good condition and i don’t want to make it worst!)

Now, I want to BackUp my Halo CD and Use The New One Not The Original One!

Its Protected With : Safe Disc 2.70.030

I Have My Serial Key So I Can Play Online :bigsmile:

I Have A Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A Drive

Please Tell My How To Back Up My Game !

I searched alot but didn’t find anything related to Safe Disc 2.70.030 :doh:

try clonecd , check this guide
its for safedisc 4.x but might work with this version too

See here.

now so far i have made a backup using Alcohol 120% and used safedisc mode to make the back up because the game uses Safe Disc 2.70.030

but when i try to burn it to a disc i get a msg like this

now i don’t know what that is !

^ It appears that you’ve used securom 4.x/5.x/7.x settings rather than safedisc.

no but i’m sure i used SafeDisc 2/3/4 option !

now this time i again made a copy using [B]SafeDisc2/3/4 (EFM* Writer)
and this time it didn’t give me that msg !

that means i have a proper copy of the game?
so should i now burn the IMG???
will my Sony DVD RW DW-Q120A will make a perfect backup ???

and what does (EFM* writer) means???

sorry for alot of these noob questions !
i’m a total pro in computers but i never did anything like this before !

thanks for the support everyone