How do I copy games or applications with CD Cops?



More specific i want to make a copy of Lademanns 2000.It' protected with CD-Cops ver. 1.66 #3841. How do I work around that?


Did you check copy cdfreaks??



use clone cd it worked for me



On you can download the McLallo Crack for CD-Cops it worked for me on Gads ENG-DAN/DAN-ENG Dictionary.


You can do even this
Copy to HD
use Mc Lallo CD COPS Decryptor

Burn to CD with Easy CD Creator

guus flater


I managed to crack the bastard ;-).
Just used CloneCD to make a copy of the CD (BTW, where are the serials for and/or I installed from the copied CD, and before I ran the program, I used McLallo fine little program, decrypted and saved the new files.

The world CAN be a great place ;-).


Just a little followup. The files I decrypted with McLallo were on the harddisk of course.