How do I copy Diablo 2 disk 2?

How do I make an exact copy of diablo 2 disk 2?? Is it possible? Wich program or what can I use? My CD Recorder is “LG 8080 b”. Please give some good idea. Other thing tell me where can I get (url) where can I get perfect copy because mine one is with problems. It’s probaly the UK version of the game.
Thanx! might be of some help to you…

I ve already tryed all those tips of and no way. Not even using those fucked cracks. battle net doesn’t detects the version. NO WAY!! I asked u some good tip.

have you tried CloneCD ? I remember reading something about having to enable “Read Data within Sub Channel”. It’s been awhile so that’ll probably give you a step in the right direction.

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NO WAY!! I asked u some good tip.

Ok, then I won’t help you next time…simple shrug :wink:

I did it with clonecd and also nero

I have already tryed placing “read subchannel data” in clone cd and it didn’t work because the cd is protected…
Maybe it works with other rw drive… Which one did u use when copyed it with clone cd and nero?? Mine one is LG can it be my rw drive the problem?

I did it with a plex 8 2 20 s, firmware 104 the old version, this combo is the best there is, it can beat anything.
I think your prob is your burner suck it cant burn sd games, you have to buy a new one because a lot of games these days is proteced by sd 1 and 2
I hope this can help you

:smiley: :smiley: WITH A CD-WRITER :smiley: :smiley:

There is no any copyprotections on diablo cd2! I just copied it with clonecd, you can do it with some other copy software. Hope that helps… :wink:

Ok Johan what CD-R do u suggest me buying?? Yamaha probaly, what else?? And where can i get “firmware”…??

You can do it on most cd-r but i did it on a kodak gold cd-r but if you can get verbatim get it ist the best cd-r you can get

and about firmware try cloneclinic or

Disc 2 is protected with Securom and you have to copy it with CloneCD and Read subchannel Data from Data Tracks enabled!
Then it should work!


Damm just use cloneCD for everything!!! And you will never have to ask something like this again!! :wink: