How do I copy content from my Motorola DCT3412 CVR to my PC?

I’m not technically savvy and have come across this web site by looking around on google. I have read some posts, but either don’t fully understand them or can’t find the information I’m looking for. I’m hoping that someone will be able to explain, in great detail, how I can copy video from my Comcast DVR to my PC.

I have a Motorola DCT3412 DVR that is almost full. I’d like to be able to pull/copy some of the recorded TV shows that are currently on the DVR to my computer. I have NO idea how to do this and would GREATLY appreciate it if someone would give me very detailed instructions on how to do this. I know some basics about computers, but I don’t enough to follow along on some of these websites that try to explain it.

Is there specific software I need on my computer to do this? Is there a specific cable I need? Do I need any specific hardware?

Any and all help would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help!