How Do I Copy Boardmaker

how do i copy boardmaker securom 4.68.00 0021 without emulation
to use without acohol or any other software installed

Have a look here

thanks heaps
i have done that but still didnt work in the pc without alcohol.

but i did not get the option of screen no. 18
saying the image size doesn’t match to the lead-out recorded in the TOC and you will be given 3 options as to how to proceed. Choose the first one: “Keep TOC as on source CD, write until end of image file (recommended)” and click OK.

Also it says this is for securom 4.8/5.x/7.x protected cd
mine is 4.68

have u any other ideas please please


Try Alcohol 120% With datatype securom 4.x/5.x then with emulation off demon tools.

thanks i will try that now
is daemon tools free and where do i get it

It’s free

Then use securom new datatype settings with alcohol not securom 4.x/5.x.

Note that your reader/writer combination will have to be an accurate sub-code reader/writer combo for the back-up copy to work and that an atip hiding utility will be required if you want to run the back-up copy from a burner (not necessary if you run it from an ordinary cd/dvd rom).

I just made a perfect back up using the directions in ashmo’s link. The original is now in a safe place.
BTW, I used a Plex 716A and installed the back up using my basic Sony CD.

I followed the instructions using Alcohol 120% and A-Ray Scanner, and got a CD that has the setup files on it, but when I start the setup utility, it says "Could not initialize installation. Could not extract Wise0132.dll to ‘C:\DOCUM~1\GREGTH~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\GLC1BE.tmp’, CRC does not match. Incorrect function."
Any ideas? I got this message both on the computer with alcohol and on one without.

Maybe a bad burn? Try again?
I do know when I tried to use my backup at work with the plextor burner, it wouldn’t recognise it, but when I put the disk in the generic system cd player. It was recogised and the program launched. The instruction mentioned some problems with plextor drives and twinpeaks.

I also used my plain old sony cd to installed it at home and it went fine.

followed the directions and got all the way to the end where I had the 3 options and chose the first one as recommended. At this point though I got an error message that reads “not enough space for the writing process.(cd)” The clock runs but no burning takes place. What am I doing wrong? I am using a sony rw drive and it is Boardmaker Version 5

After following detailed instructions, I get the error msg “not enough space for writing process (CD)”. It looks like the patched.mds & patched.mdf files are 775.95MB, way too big for my 700MB CD disc.

Any ideas?



^ Actually, a raw image of 775.95 will fit comfortably on a 700mb disc when burnt since it is approximately 19% larger than the space it will occupy when burnt.

Thanks, I understand about raw image file, but I get the error msg and can go no further in the burn CD process.

Any further ideas?



^ Make sure that you load the image from the .mds file and you might also consider checking the option to enable overburning in alcohol’s recording options.

Does anyone know where to get a safe reliable copy of “Alcohol version before v1.9.6.4629.”