How do i copy boardmaker v5


Hi I made a copy but it needs alohoal 120% running the the backout ,even whtout checking the box that says emulation how do i make a copy without needing emulation just like the orinal


Your only option is the Twinpeak method which is very hardware-dependent:

Use the attached BW5Tweaker, or copy the attached Twinpeak profile into the profiles folder.

I’m not sure, maybe you can also use Blindwrite 6 or 7, but just in case:
Blindwrite 5 download:

P.S.: just in case you aren’t aware: there’s also a free version of Alcohol 52% which also provides RMPS emulation

EDIT: i forgot to mention that you can also create Twinpeak backups with Alcohol and Aray Scanner:

Here you can find a portable version of free Alcohol 52% using the MDS v1 standard:

You can then burn the patched image with your current Alcohol 120% version.