How do i copy an 8 GB DVD to a 4 GB DVD?

I have i think a double layer DVD that hold about 7.3 GB. And i have a 4GB blank DVD that i want to use to copy that double layer DVD. How can i do that, will i have to make 2 dvd for 1 original dvd or can i compress the 7.3 GB so that it will fit in the 4GB disk? (these are my DVDs, i am not doing anything illegal with them). thanks.

Use DVD Decrypter to rip to your Hard Drive, then use DVD Shrink to compress to a Single Layer DVD.

What about the quality of the video, will it change?

of course the quality will change. Transcoding with a one-click-converter is fast, but the video could get artefacts. Especially when you want to shrink the whole dvd.

You would get better quality when taking a programm which uses a MPEG encoder for converting instead of simple downsampling of the Video. But of course it will not be that fast.

If you prefer quality over speed you might want to try the free version of DVD Rebuilder. The link is in my signature.

You should also consider eliminating the extras. I usually back up ‘Movie Only’ with one soundtrack and get a disk that has minimal (or no) compression and plays automatically when I put it in the player. Sort of reminds me of Video Cassettes…