How do I copy a Season of TV on DVD?

Hi All

I have AnyDVD 5961, Clone DVD2 ver. 2898 and DVD Fab Plat. version 2978 and Burn with Nero 7 on a Lite-On 1693 USB, normally I use both TDK & Memorex DVDs.

I was given as an early Fathers Day gift the Full 1st season of Miami Vice and I would like to make a back up copy of all 3 disks (they are all double sided) I have tried with no success, is there any “secret” or “suggestion” on how I may be able to make back ups? :sad: :frowning:

Any help is appreciated. :bow: :bow:

Well just use DVD DVD Decrypter (It is free)

Double sided dual layer is a lot of storage space! You already have everything you need to make the copies. Your blank disks are probably single layer. So what you will need to do is run anydvd to rip the copy protection off then use Clone dvd’s cut feature to bring the size down to a reasonable compression. In order to keep the quality of the origional you will probably have to make two disks for each side of every origional disk. That comes out to roughly twelve disks (Not a good idea in my opinion.). (Keep in mind that i am a perfectionist when it comes to backing up my collection. If its not perfect it leaves and never returns.)
An alternative to clone is 1 “click dvd copy pro”. It will give you three free burns before the trial runs out. For me its compression seems to be a little better than clone dvd. With it you might be able to do a one to one with no noticeable loss of quality. If it works the trial might let you cut down on the number of burns you have to do.
If you are looking for something free then you might try “DVD REBUILDER”. Its more difficult than the one click solutions but it does a better job becuase its not a transcoder like clone dvd its an encoder. However it takes forever to do one backup and takes some getting used to.

Hi cwrightthruya

Thanks for the reply I appreciate it, but I have already tried ripping using AnyDVD and about 3/4 way thru experience an error. I also tried to back it up with Magic DVD Ripper and with DVD Decrypter…still come up with an error about 3/4 way thru the rip to my hard disk. :frowning: I have never had any problem backing up Movie DVDs is it because this is several seperate weeks put on a DVD???

Thanks again for the response and have a good weekend.

Oh i didnt know that. Sorry. What does the error look like? Post a copy of it if you dont mind.
The size of the rip shouldnt matter unless you are running out of hard drive space (and that would be apparent). Im sorry that i dont have immediate advice but i need a little more info. When you say 3/4 of the way through do you mean of one disk or the set? Also are you trying to save the disk as an image file or a “ts” file? If it is just getting 3/4 of the way through one disk then there is a possibility there could be an irregularity in the disk itself. Try another disk from the season. If the other disk works take the set back and get a new set.
If you are creating an image file or a ts file and trying to add the other ripped disks to the original image or ts folder then that is where the problem more than likely is. Alot of people do this becuase it lets them have more control over what goes where in the burn. If this is what is happening try doing one disk at a time and burning each disk. Good luck. Post the results. Cwrightthruya