How do i copy a protected dvd

im stumped on how to copy a protected dvd then burn the copy onto a black dvd -r. please help. what programs should i get?

Are you talking about a commercially made movie that you own? Or are you talking about a game or some other type of software?

Copying your own dvd movies is a common subject around here and can easily be answered using search, or looking in the Copy Movie subforum.

In any case, get the free version of DVDFab HD Decrypter (using it for 30 days will wipe out your trial of the main DVDFab program if you care about that).
Use it to decrypt and rip to the hard drive.

If the movie is too big to fit onto a regular dvd recordable disk (and many are) use DVDShrink to reduce the size of the movie you just put on the hard drive. DVDShrink is free and available here:

Take some time to read the guides for Shrink at that site, or the guides here at cdfreaks in the Copy Movie subforum.

DVDShrink can be configured to output as an ISO file or as dvd video files either one. You can burn to disk with whatever program you like, but I recommend making the output an ISO and burning with ImgBurn (another very fine program available for free). and the guides to using it:

I agree with Kerry56, we need more info to give you assistances.

I too agree with Kerry. There is plenty of info about copying disks that is easily found by using ‘Search’ and / or reading.