How do I copy a frame from a DVD?



I’d like to copy one frame from several movies, just for my research purposes. In particular, it’s the MGM logo, preferrably the logo featuring each different lion, from the silent movies up to todays. I believe there were seven different lions.


Regarding copying frames from MGM logos, this is the first time I"ve used this MyCE, I’ve [U][B][I]very[/I][/B][/U] computer naive, a total technophobe, newbie, whatever, and don’t know how I even get the answer to this question. Do I leave my email address?
I’m stuck in Kansas so have mercy on my simple, and stupid, soul!


Welcome to the forums Greggraves. I’ve merged your two threads into one, since they are on the same topic. And we don’t allow email addresses to be placed in the open forum…keeps our members from being flooded with spam email.

I suggest using VLC media player to take a snapshot of the image. Play the movie, then pause when you get to the image you want. Then click Ctrl Alt S to take the screenshot. The image should be saved in My Documents\My Pictures by default.

VLC is free to download and use:


I agree with Kerry56 if what you want is single image shots.
If you weren’t a technophobe ( your description not mine). I would suggest DVDShrink.
Reauthor mode & Start/End Frames .
With that you could do motion clips with sound of each MGM lion.
Then put those together into one DVD.


…or just use MPC-HC