How do I copy a DVD using Fab Express & I COpy DVD2

I used dvd fab express to rip a dvd to my hard drive. In windows explorer I have a folder that was created called dvd with sub folders audio_ts and video_ts. I want to burn this to a single layer dvd-R. I have I Copy DVD2 for my burning software. How do I get the movie from the hard drive to burn on a dvd??

the target should be your blank media and the file must be video_ts.

maybe is good idea to have dvd43 just incase. Anyway I’m newbie on this but now I’m using dvdfabplatinum (which contains express ) I tried Icopy dvd2 ,but it never burned a protected movie then I use dvd43 with it and boila. Probably someone here will give you a better advice .This webpage contains the best of the best.There are really good guys here.

Lets keep things simple. You don’t need any other programs. You have platinum which is comprised of express and gold. Both these applications are capable of completing the entire process of ripping and burning a copy protected (encrypted) disc. VSO is the default burn engine contained within both express and gold.

If you have two optical drives, insert the original disc in your “source” drive and a blank disc in your “target” drive, then simply open express, choose “complete disc” or “main movie”, and click start…the bkup disc will pop out when completed…it’s as easy as that. If you only have one optical drive, thenthe app will prompt you to remove the original and insert the blank…and that’s it, once again.

Hope this helps.