How do i copy a dvd to my computer and watch it after it coppied?



Can some one help and tell me step by step how to a copy a dvd to my laptop mac and after its copied that i can take the disc out and watch it still??


thanks shane


On a mac you’ll want to rip to the hard drive using Mac the Ripper or Handbrake. To watch the movie once it is on the hard drive, you can use the Mac version of VLC or the built in dvd player.

Mac the Ripper appears to be a more controversial piece of software. Handbrake doesn’t appear to work on newer copy protections.


After a bit of searching, it seems that it is very difficult to find Mac the Ripper downloads. I saw some links to torrent sites, but didn’t try to download. Will search a bit more.

And Handbrake rips to mp4. You may have to shell out some bucks for a ripping program.


The latest version of Mac the Ripper is available for those who join the forum (registration required) and make a “donation” to get the program.

You may want to investigate other options like the Imtoo software (there is an Imtoo forum here at cdfreaks in the Video Editing forum), or the Xilisoft programs, neither of which are free.

I was curious about this topic, which is why I went looking. (if you are wondering why I have answered three times in your thread!)