How do i copy a dvd that is copyrighted?

I want to copy a dvd that is copyrighted for backup, i have dvd shrink, but when i try and backup the dvd it says it is copy right protected and won’t let me proceed, is there any other program i can use to copy my dvd???

you’ve posted this in the clonedvd software section. if you’re using clonedvd2 you have to also use a program that will bypass protection such as anydvd in the background.

anydvd will also work in the background with dvdshrink.

it’s unclear whether you’re using clonedvd or not, but if not you may want to PM a mod to move this thread to a more appropriate forum so you’ll get more relevant responses.

k, i didn’t know were to put the post, seems that dvd shrink doesnt work with copyright dvds?

which software does that is FREE to download from the internet?

There is ripit4me do a search on this forum and you’ll get the download and it works with dvd shrink and dvd decrypter too your choice. Also ripit4me is free. Here’s the link to that thread.

No dvd copying software wil do this without a decrypter running too.

Just FYI, DVDshrink DOES work with copyprotected dvds. It is just no longer updated so it may not work with some of the newer protections and discs. Since you did not post a title, I can not tell you if you are trying to copy one of these newer protection discs.

I’m going to take a shot here - since you are in the CloneDVD forum - and guess you tried to make a backup of your dvd with CloneDVD2. CloneDVD2 will not bypass CSS encryption, and that may be the message you are getting. In order to process your dvd in CloneDVD2, you must prepare it properly first, via AnyDVD running in the background also, or via a separate program capable of ripping the video files before processing with CloneDVD2. I doubt this has anything to do with new types of copy prevention attempts by various manufacturers, as they all seem to rely on having defective/unreadable sectors on a dvd which will simply generate read errors - not copyright messages.