How do I copy a downloaded movie onto dvd so I can watch it on TV?

I hope I have the correct forum…I am new to this along with being new to forums.

I have downloaded a movie (avi) using Azureus onto my computer. I am trying to copy the movie with Nero Start Smart onto a dvd so I can watch it with my dvd player. Someone told me that on Nero Start Smart, I must go to the CD/DVD prompt and then to the data prompt then to the make data dvd prompt. When the disc content page pops up and I add the movie I want to copy onto it then I press next and the final burning page settings page pops up. I am not being allowed to print anything in the current recorder section, nor am I allowed to press the “burn” option (not lit up as other prompts are at the bottom of the page) I have tried this with both dvd-r and dvd+r disks and it doesn’tn work. It will work with a regular cd however and when I play it on the computer it does work…and I can watch it on the computer with Nero showtime as well…however…what am I doing wrong? :confused: :confused: …I want to watch these on my dvd player/tv…could someone please point me in the right direction…please use simple beginners lingo as well…I’m a remedial learner…thanks so much in advance.!

AVI is not a DVD format, so you will have to convert it to one. dvdSanta or NeroVision Express will both do this for you.

an easy way is to use a program (divx to dvd) from vso software and evrything its simple