How do i coppie PS2 Games?

Hi i am experemating with my dvd burner. I heard that it is possible that you can burn playstation 2 games on a dvd. And if you do it right, you don’t need to ‘rebuiled’ you PS2 and also you don’t need any boot-disk. So now is my question, does any body know how and what programs do i need and wath kind of DVD burner do i need??

I hope anybody can help me out on this.

Great’s Neo Asdrubaul


I use prassi primo DVD2.0 to back up my ps2 games…although I have heard that program is very sensitive about the type of dvd writer you have…I have a pioneer a104…and had no problems…Nero is another alternative. Happy backing…

Do you need a modded ps2 to play these backups?

yes you do need a modchip…I have the magic chip…it plays back-ups as originals, or you can get the neo key chip, in which you have to also buy a game shark…and swap the back up with the game shark…so you best bet is the magic chip as no swapping involved…hope this helps?