How do i convert to dvd?

I have downloaded several video files of Winmx(I think they are mpeg files), im looking to burn these to dvd, so i can watch hem on my standalone player.
I dvd decrypter, tmpgenc, dvd2one and nero 6. Could you please tell me if how to process these, so i can burn them and watch them.
Could you also tell me how to compress decrypted movies, to enable me to put two on a standard 4.7gb dvd.



“…several video files of Winmx(I think they are mpeg files)”
It would be a lot easier for someone to answer you if they new EXACTLY what sort of “movie files” thay are. Please run GSPOT and load in one of the files and report the file structure here.

In the mean time, have a read of the Tutorial section, your answers are probably already there.

They are mpeg files, so what do i do next?

Download TMPGEnc Plus and follow the wizard.
Once you’re done use TMPGEnc DVD Author to make dvd compatible files.

You may also find…using nero, that these files play fine burning to cd-r as a vcd/svcd using the wizard…short of tackling the dvd stuff…:slight_smile: