How do i convert the movies i downloaded to a format tha is burnable


      HI. everyone 

I have dvd decrypter, dvd shrink, aurora vcd_svcd dvd creator. what Programs ar actually need and how do i make the dvd so I can watch the movies on dvd
thank you for all you help

do u have nero burner

Well, what format are the downloaded files in? Depending on the type of file you have, you may have several options to burn them to DVD.

Mike A is right, what is the format. What is the file extention at least? Thier are mant diffrent formats. Most of the stuff you download is probablt high compresions stuf like xvid or mpeg4 etc. Dvd uses mpeg2. You have to convert the video to that, period for standard dvd video. You cannot just burn it. Thier are more and more multiplayers showing up that can play the formats but dont expect your standalone dvd player to do it. the most it will probably play is mpeg data.
IF you do not know the file format of the file post and ask).

Try the VSO DvxToDVD conversion tool, it’s free and converts most formats into a DVD format.
Also try DVDSanta that’s also free, if you can live with the logo. :slight_smile:

Both are easy to use, and can be burnt to disc re-authored etc with a Shink/Nero combination

happy burning mikyanto

Mainconcept or similiar to encode to a compliant dvd mpeg 1/2
Tmpgenc dvd author or similiar to author and make the necessary dvd files
nero or similiar to burn