How do i convert Rar files so i can watch it in dvd format?

Hi i have just recieved a dvd 2 me when i try to open it it comes up as rar files, I dont know what i need to do to convert them so i can watch this dvd, can someone please shed some light on what i need to do…:bigsmile:

Thanks to who ever helps me with this situation


How do I convert rare files to dvd. If I am trying to on convert to dvd.

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Try double-clicking on the first RAR file.

Install WinRAR and then use it to extract all the RAR files back out to normal files. RAR files are very much like ZIP files. They are compressed and need to be uncompressed. Sometimes you will uncompress several RAR files and end up with just 1 normal file.


I know that if youre using a Mac if you search “Unrarx” in google you can download a program that, when placed in your Applications folder, will automatically open and uncompress your .rar file. make sure that you place your .rar file from your Downloads to another file so that you are able to access and open the uncompresed file.

[QUOTE=duranz23;2220880]How do I convert rare files to dvd. If I am trying to on convert to dvd.[/QUOTE]

Are you sure the extension says they are .rar files?? I use a fee simple program to do unzip or rar files to a folder. This will unzip or unrar your file to a folder and then you can see the contents if they are a dvd format or not.

Download the .exe file and install it and use your explorer to find the location of the .rar file and right click it and 7zip and choose the folder default it creates to unpack it and see what the files are.