How do I convert OGG/OGM into DVD/SVCD/VCD?

My main question is listed in the topic title. I did a few searches on the board and I didn’t find much relevant information pertaining to OGG/OGM. Thus I decided to post the question here.

How does one take an OGG/OGM file and make it playable for a DVD player. I have multiple OGG/OGM files and I was curious if I could place them onto a DVD and just have them play off my DVD player.

ogg is audio, so i guess you want to make a audio dvd. i recomend converting into mp3 and then burning using Audio DVD Creator. pm/msn me for more help. ben

I’m not quite sure what all of that means. So I guess, I’ll just IM you. I apologize for bumping this topic in this manner but until I learn how to edit posts. I’m doing this to resuscribe to this thread.

best is to install a codec pack like K-lite codec pack
Then you know all supported things neeed to encode are there

most programs that make dvd’s use those codecs to make dvd’s

a good one is dvd2svcd

So how how does installing thos codecs on my computer will affect the files that I want to play in a DVD player? Sorry I’m a bit new to all this.

K-Lite Codec Pack is crap, just bloated with stuff you don’t really need.
I personally don’t really want to recommend codec packs at all but if you want a suggestion of a minimal (but still functional) it’s say the TBG Codec Pack (and it’s already preconfigured too). What you need is VirtualDubMod, open the ogm file, demux and/or frameserve.

You completely lost me. :frowning:

Just found a guide about how to convert ogm to DVD. Maybe help.

I had forgotten this thread existed. Thanks roseonoff. When I have some time I’m going to try what the guide says in the meantime; do you know whether or not the dual audio and subtitles will be saved if I convert the file to AVI/DiVX?

Listen to Bcn_246 he knows all. Not to metion he is right. MP3 is the best format to convert a Ogg into. Some people convert to WAV but wavs are bigger files (most of the times). Oh and btw why did you post this in the “Video edit software”?

Edit: Oh sorry I didn’t notice you put OGM and for that I use

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