How do i convert my avi's to nero digital?

I would love to use nerodigital as my only codec, but i have a lot of avis that i would need to convert. I dont understand how to do it. Do i need to name them as something that will be recognized like a dvd’s contents? I am new to dvd construciton as of this week but am familiar with video compression from the animation and cinepak days. Any help?

The only way I’ve found to do this is by making your avi’s into DVD’s (at least on your HD) the use Recode to change those back to Nero Digital MP4. Sloppy way to do it, and it probably doesn’t help the picture quality with all the extra compression step. I got OK results, but it would be nice if the codec could be used with virtualdub or something, or if Recode would take in other formats besides DVD.