How Do I Convert Mp3 To Audio Cds?

Hello guys,

I need your help and knowledge.I am new in downloading and mp3 stuff, i 've installed limewire and kazaa lite resurrection on my pc and a bunch of mp3 converting software such as mp3 cd converter,mp3 cd creator,blaze media convert,ultra mp3 to cd burner but…i have a problem.Whenever i try to open the music files of limewire/kazaa that i’ve saved ,these programmes cann’t find them,do these prog allow for illegal downloading convertion? Does anybody know?
Which mp3 converting freeware should i use to do my job?

just use nero and dump the files to burn a audio cd…it will convert them to audio for you irregardless of where you got them,.

Try Cd-ex It will convert the files to .wav files for you,but you still have to have burning software. if you need that try Deep Burner Both programs are freeware.

As already stated, Nero will automatically convert MP3 to wav to store as cda on an audio disc.

If you select ISO CD in Nero, they would be stored as Mp3 files.

I believer CDex, EAC and, I think, Furio are free apps that will convert from MP3 to wav and wav to MP3. I’m not sure but Audacity may also suit your needs.

Cool Edit Pro was purchased by Adobe and renamed Adobe Audiont.
It costs $ but will do conversions and much more.

Of the above titles, Nero and Furio are burners.

JukeBox Decoder is a free Mp3 to wav convert you can find at

Google mp3 to wav
Google mp3 2 wav
You’ll find many pages of apps.

i do recommend cdEX great software

Burrrn is a nice little free audio CDs with CD-Text burning software

Supports wav, mp3, mpc, ogg, aac, mp4, ape, flac, ofr, wv, tta, m3u, pls and fpl playlists and cue sheets.

It’s gotta be Nero for me!

Hehe, you beat me to it (I first heard about Burrrn from TimC) :bigsmile:

At last someone gives me some credit. :bigsmile:

It is a pretty useful app & the author deserves our thanks.