How do i convert ext hd from NTFS to Fat32

i have a 640gb ext hd that is ntfs. i need it to be fat32 so my ps3 can recognize it. how can i convert it? thx.

Hello YoDaddi. Simply right clicking on the hard drive icon in the my computer window, then select format if FAT32 is not offered there are some free third party software to help you do this. Post back if it does’t help.

Here’s what I did with my 500 GB external .I partitioned it with my old Windows 98 computer all partitions with FAT 32.Then with my Vista I formated one of the partitions to NFTS.The Vista computer can view all the partitions but the 98 can’t see the NFTS partition.
At least that’s what I think I did.I may have partitioned the NFTS out of the large FAT32 with Vista. Anyway I have two FAT32 partitions & one NFTS.
So if you know someone with an older computer with 98 or maybe any that have FAT32 then fdisk from DOS to create the partitions.
In Vista you need Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management.Vista will not format FAT32 by itself there may be third party software for Vista that will.
To me an external HD with both types of file system is very handy.
Especially when transfering files from or to the computer that doesn’t recognize NFTS.

If I remember correctly, Windows XP cannot format in FAT32 hard disks/partitions larger than 32GBs!!! I guess the same applies to Vista. You can try Easus Free Partition Manager, or MKDOSFS. Both are free :wink:

I should have made notes when I partitioned mine but one of my FAT32 partitions is 97GB & the other is 33MB.The 33MB one is a flash drive clone for booting AcronisTI from this external HDD.The NTFS partition is 368GB.
It is possible I used Acronis TI to format the FAT32 partition.
BTW Vista formats with exFAT which is not FAT32.

My external HDD is 80 GB FAT32, bit I cannot format it in WinXP pro sp3! That’s how I find out MKDOSFS :wink: It is a command line tool, but easily used!

[QUOTE=yodaddi;2241150]i have a 640gb ext hd that is ntfs. i need it to be fat32 so my ps3 can recognize it. how can i convert it? thx.[/QUOTE]

What brand is it?

You could use a windows 98SE boot disk and use fdisk.

nevermind. i just went out and did it the easy way. luckily i still had the receipt and took it back to best buy and told them it was defective. so i got another one that is fat32. thx.