How do I convert .DAT to .MPEG

I have some VCD’s that I want to convert to DVD, but I don’t want 2 seperate files on the DVD so I need to convert them to MPEG and then I can use TMPGENC to merge the files, but is there software I can use to convert the .DAT files to .MPEG?

VCDGear or Isobuster can convert the DAT to an MPEG for ya very quickly.

That needs to be done even if you intend to join them or not. Personally I wouldnt bother joining, I’d just author them in DVDLab linking the end of the first file to the start of the second, that way they playback as if they were joined and eliminates a lot of Audio Sync problems that seem to result from joining them. Check out where it explains it all. Make sure you say yes to convert the 44.1khz audio to 48khz audio.

I tried to convert the .dat files with VCDGear, but when I selected the ‘.dat to .mpeg’ option, it said that it was an invalid format or something, so I tried the ‘.mpeg to .mpeg’ option and it worked fine, but TMPGenc won’t open the converted file.

There must be some software out there that can convert .dat files to .mpeg files that are compatible with TMPGenc.

I use IsoBuster 99% of the time. Right click the DAT file and select “Extact but filter only M2F2 mpeg frames”

I tried the thing you told me about ISO Buster, but the finished result is 0 bytes in size.

If VCDGear nor IsoBuster wont open or extract the MPEG file then it either not a VCD or there is problem with your reader or the CD itself.

Try copying the DAT file to your HD first then use IsoBuster or VCDGear.

You can convert vcd dat to any video and audio format following the guide
Maybe help.

Just change the extention from .dat to .mpeg. Now you can work with it.

But this will not always work…