How do i Convert Audio 44.1khz to 48khz

how do i Convert Audio 44.1khz to 48khz
tryed HeadAc3h Tick “Resample To” and change to 48 KH
having problems does not convert to 48khz
checked on GSpot to check if it is converted says 32khz no change

changing it to 48Khz will not increase its quality, it will most likely lower its quality.

Tried VirtualDub? I suppose you have a avi-file since you post in this forum?

BeSweet + its GUI will convert 44.1 to 48kh audio no problems. So will Goldwave and most other audio editors.

what about 32khz audio would i be able to change it with besweet to 48khz
can sompeone point out how to use that software.

See your other question asking the same, what form is your audio file in, I have misplaced my Crystal Ball :bigsmile:

Hi,how can i increase audio quality?is there any chance to convert audio format (320-bit,44 khz) in some cleaner and better format then this one?sorry if my english is bad…

if anybody knows anything about my question,please,let me know…here is my e-mail.

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If you need a “cleaner” sound than you have, you may have to apply filters to remove noise. You should look at a free audio editing program called Audacity.

And you should read through the manuals and help articles here:

There are other, more capable audio editing programs around, like Adobe Audition, but Audacity is probably the best free program.

Remember you can not create something from nothing.

Thus you can not increase the quality of a file just by increasing its bitrate or sample rate.

The easiest way to visualize this would be taking a small picture like say a 100x100 pixel avatar and trying to increase it to 800x800 to use as part of your desktop wallpaper.

I’m sure you know that the image will get bigger, but it wont magically become a 800x800 image of better quality you will still only have the data and quality of the original 100x100 image.

Same goes with sound files.

You can only start from the top and work your way down. So taking a 800x800 image and shrinking it to 100x100 for an avatar is fine, the image program can methodically reduce the size of the image and remove data as needed.

Trying to add data however like your suggesting is impossible.

Now if you just wanted to change the sample rate for some other odd reason and it was not for quality purposes it would be best to tell use the format the file is in.

If its a common format or if you can decode it to a simple format like .wav you can use Audacity to open it and convert it. Also most video editors should handle it fine like windows movie maker, sony vegas, adobe premier.

The other important thing though is is the format currently lossy or lossless. If its already in a lossy format like MP3 compressing it again will result in loss of quality. If its a .wav or .flac you can work with it at your leisure but the higher sample rate will make the file size larger.